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RESIDENTS:C60: Buckminsterfullerene

“C60: Buckminsterfullerene”

Kroto et al., Nature 318: 162-163 (1985)

Fullerenes are closed carbon-cage molecules, classified as an allotrope of carbon (e.g. graphite and diamond). C60 Buckminsterfullerene, made of 60 carbon atoms, is the first fullerene synthesized by laser vaporization of graphite. All carbon atoms are equivalent, positioned at the vertices of a truncated icosahedron. Due to its resemblance to a football (soccer ball), the molecule acquired a lovely name “Buckyball”. Theoretically, there are 1812 isoforms for C60, but the truncated icosahedral form is predominantly produced (isolated pentagons). Its unique chemical and physical properties continue to attract researchers for various applications
ROOM NO.:V60[360]F32[512620]

Truncated icosahedron

One of 13 Archimedean solids. The shape is obtained by cutting off vertices of an icosahedron. It preserves icosahedral symmetry. It has 60 vertices (3-deg x60) and 32 faces (5-gon x12 and 6-gon x20). Each vertex is uniform, surrounded by three faces of pentagon, hexagon, and hexagon {5, 6, 6}. It also belongs to Goldberg polyhedra. The dual form, obtained by swapping vertices and faces, is a pentakis dodecahedron V32[512620]F60[360] solely made of triangular faces

Fullerene structure

A polyhedal structure with 3-valent vertices and faces of pentagons and hexagons (according to a classical definition). Pentagons: 12, Hexagons: h, Vertices: 2h+20, where h is 0 or positive integers but not 1.

Polyhedral Apartment

Have you ever visit an apartment of polyhedra?...


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